Judith Kramer Stewarding. Nolan Schillerstrom / Audubon

Beach Steward Programs: Successes and Lessons Learned

May 11, 2021

The Wetlands Institute Beach Steward Program
Presenter: Brittany Morey- Research Associate at The Wetlands Institute

The Wetlands Institute Beach Steward Program plays an important role in reducing disturbances to beach-nesting birds and migratory shorebirds while providing education and outreach to beachgoers. Stewarding experiences on southern New Jersey beaches will be shared as well as details about how the program is successful through partnerships.

Volunteer Training and Stewardship for Beach Nesting Birds on the Florida Gulf Coast
Presenters: Holley Short, Audubon Florida, Shorebird Project Manager, Florida Suncoast and Caroline Stahala, Audubon Florida, Shorebird Project Manager, Panhandle Florida

Audubon Florida uses volunteers to help with seabird and shorebird nest sites along the Florida Gulf Coast. They use volunteers for one time activities, scheduled stewarding, and special projects. Stewarding active bird sites requires additional training, which is provided by Audubon staff. Volunteer activities and training vary across the state depending on size of the community, proportion of visitors and residents, and general community sentiments.

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