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Webinar: Coordinated Shorebird Predation Management – Triggers & Monitoring

February 16, 2021

DESCRIPTION: Second in a series of three webinars hosted by the AFSI Predation Management Subteam that aims to advance further coordinated actions on predation management topics identified as needing more attention by those who study and conserve shorebirds. This webinar focuses on:

  • reviewing materials from the AFSI Guidance and Best Practices and other sources on development and use of effective triggers for predation management
  • identifying additional needs for triggers in predation management (decisions, questions, hypotheses)
  • identifying opportunities to collaboratively develop further guidance and tools

Webinar Agenda

Contact Caleb Spiegel for more information.

Caleb Spiegel & Maureen Durkin, USFWS
Sarah Karpanty, Virginia Tech
Jonathan Cohen, SUNY-ESF