Outreach Materials

Welcome to the searchable Shorebird Outreach Resource Directory. The materials here are available for downloading, sharing, and most may be modified for your own use. If you have material you would like to share with the broader shorebird community please submit your material for approval.

Successful Season for Piping Plovers

press release describing what it takes to be successful as a plover and that Concord had a successful season

A Season of Success for Piping Plovers on New Hampshire Beaches

page of a newsletter describing the efforts taken to assist with nest protection and the success of the birds for the year, also mentions Least Terns on next page and ways to help protect Plovers

Help the Beach Activity Booklet

simple description of Piping Plover and Least Tern and how to help them, several child activities throughout the book that relate to shorebirds

The Principles of Pride: The Science Behind the Mascots

a very in depth paper (or short book) going into the reasons why some animals are good mascots for environmental change in certain areas

Share the Beach with Our Wildlife

flyer showing pictures of shorebirds and seabirds, food they eat, how to let them be, PIPL migration pattern, and also mentions sea turtles

Dog Friendly Sign

sign telling owners to watch their dogs and pick up after them

Don't Litter Cigarette Butts Sign

sign telling to pick up cigarette butts to help crabs

Dog Leash Slogan

slogan for leashing dogs on the beach

Piping Plover Support Stickers

stickers to show support for PIPL

Bird Friendly Beaches Have Dogs on Leashes Sign

sign giving directions on how to control yourself and dog when on a beach with birds

Share Our Beaches, Shorebird Conservation FAQs

9 potentially common question pertaining to shorebirds and how to help in their conservation

Dogs on Leash Sticker

sticker with dog to advocate for using leash on beach

I Love Shorebirds Sticker

sticker with line of shorebirds to show support for them

I Love Shorebirds Sticker

sticker with line of shorebirds to show support for them

Dogs On Leash Sticker

sticker with dog and slogan to advocate for leash on beach

Bird Friendly Beaches Have Dogs on Leashes Flyer

flyer with the same rules as the sign with same name, also has a paragraph of info about why dogs should be on leashes and the harm they can do

What Is Wrack and Why It's Important

describes organisms in the wrack community, its life cycle, and ways to help prevent its destruction

Share the Shore with Our Wildlife

pictures of different species of shorebirds and seabirds, some migration patterns, facts about shore nesting and how people can help

What Is Wrack and Why It's Important to Piping Plover

description of wrack, where it grows, how it helps PIPLs, how people destroy it, and helpful tips that people can follow to help preserve it and the birds

Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative: A Business Plan

detailed plan on steps to take toward conserviting the migration path of shorebirds along the Atlantic