Outreach Materials

Welcome to the searchable Shorebird Outreach Resource Directory. The materials here are available for downloading, sharing, and most may be modified for your own use. If you have material you would like to share with the broader shorebird community please submit your material for approval.

Endangered Species Biologist

This brochure was primarily developed by residents in the Town of Seabrook, SC, in partnership with FWS & SCDNR.
This colorful educational pamphlet provides guidelines and reasons for preservation of shorebird habitat. Distribution will primarily be through the Town Hall, SI Club’s Amenity Office, Lake House, and those groups who offer property rental services.
While the words of the brochure are important, it will ultimately be the positive stewardship actions of the persons who walk the beach as to whether our migratory and resident shorebird populations survive. The opportunity to see and interact with wildlife and our beautiful beaches are generally acknowledged as primary attractors for visitors to Seabrook.

Endangered Species Biologist

This sign was made for veterinary offices to help reach dog owners in the vicinity of beaches with plovers. It could be adapted for other areas and for beaches that do not allow dogs during the nesting season.

Wildlife Biologist

NPS rack card titled, "Help Protect the Piping Plover". It includes general life history information, how the Seashore helps protect piping plovers, and how "You" can help.

Snowy Plover Video

Nice video about Western Snowy Plover and habitat protection. Very relevant to Atlantic Flyway.

Public affairs specialist, USFWS

The "Share the Beach" activity/coloring book includes information on beach-nesting birds, their habitats, threats, and how young beach-goers and their families can help. The book includes coloring activities, a word find, connect-the-dots picture, word scramble, maze, crossword puzzle and fill-in-the blank section. The last section is a pledge.

Living With Beach-Nesting Birds

produced for private landowners with grant funding. Maine Audubon shared their booklet with us, and we edited it to include American Oystercatchers and other beach species

Ten Things You Can Do to Help Piping Plover

Tips on helping Piping Plover in New Hampshire (nesting and migrating)

Piping Plover Project/NH

Project Goal: To monitor and protect the breeding population of piping plovers (Charadrius melodus) along the New Hampshire Seacoast, as well as their habitat.

Atlantic Coast Piping Plover Social Media Strategy for Reducing Human Disturbance

Increase awareness of the piping plover and behaviors needed to protect them from disturbance through social media platforms.

Bird Friendly Beach Flyer (dogs)

letter explaining why leash dogs

Be a Good Egg Program

share the beach with nesting birds

Keeping Piping Plovers Safe Tips

Tips: what to do when at beach to help keep shorebirds safe

Piping Plover Volunteer Training Guide

32 page guide about Piping Plovers and how to get involved in volunteer work to help conserve them

Piping Plover Nesting Sign (small)

small sign telling to stay away from nesting area

Piping Plover Nesting Sign (large)

large sign telling to stay away from nesting area

English/French Sign Describing Area of Beach Where Piping Plovers Live

Sign giving advice on how not to disturbe Piping Plover

Environmental Candada Piping Plover Symbol

graphic of Piping Plover

Nesting Cycle of Piping Plover

chart of Piping Plover nesting activities by month

Walking Safely on the Beach for Piping Plovers

graphic of where to walk on the beach