Outreach Materials

Welcome to the searchable Shorebird Outreach Resource Directory. The materials here are available for downloading, sharing, and most may be modified for your own use. If you have material you would like to share with the broader shorebird community please submit your material for approval.

Audubon Information on Conserving Coasts

webpage going over Audubons missions and goals for coastal birds and how they'll reach their goals with links at the bottom

Saving Seabirds

a very broad overview of how Audubon is identifying IBAs and their importance and their specific goals for conserving the birds that rely on these areas

Project Puffin

short description about the successful puffin breeding project that used decoys to attract puffins to an island

Coastal Stewardship: Atlantic & Pacific

descriptions of habitat on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and goals to help conserve them for birds that use they flyways

Coastal Stewardship: Gulf

how audubon is helping conserve the land around the Gulf for birds and why it's important

The Case of the Missing Piping Plovers

An Eco series mystery book: When the Sizzling Six host a group of lively teens from the Chickcharney Eco Club, they plunge into to another exciting adventure—this time on remote island cays in the Bahamas.