Outreach Materials

Welcome to the searchable Shorebird Outreach Resource Directory. The materials here are available for downloading, sharing, and most may be modified for your own use. If you have material you would like to share with the broader shorebird community please submit your material for approval.

Where Do Piping Plovers Nest

picture and nesting cycle of Piping Plover

Impacts of Motorized/Off-road Vehicles to Piping Plovers

facts regarding how off-roading on beaches can affect piping plovers

Stewardship Guide for Healthy Beaches to Landowners

Guide on how to manage land to help shore habitat

Disturbace Flyer for Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center

short description describing harm that can be done to birds and the Wildlife center's rules regarding dogs and camping

Share the Beach with South Carolina's Coastal Birds

brochure giving public ways they can help the coastal birds and reasons why they need help

What is a Shorebird (Sea Science Brochure)

descibes several different shorebirds and how people can help in conservation

Important Shorebird Area Sign (Maine)

sign about shorebird migration and dog leash warning

Important Shorebird Roosting Area Sign (Maine)

sign showing rule about dogs on leashes

Issue Profile: Docks and Piers in Shorebird Feeding and Roosting Areas

Report summarizes the issues associated with placement of docks and piers in shorebird feeding and roosting areas identified as Significant Wildlife Habitat under Maine’s Natural Resources Protection Act

Issue Profile: Migratory Shorebird Use off the Maine Coast

Report summarizes information on shorebird use of the Maine coast.

Shorebird Migration Resting Area and How to View Them Safely

pictures and descriptions of some birds that utilize the R. Waldo Tyler Wildlife Management Area

Recommended Land Use Guidelines in Shorebird Feeding and Roosting Areas

Recommended Land Use Guidelines in Shorebird Feeding and Roosting Areas: Maine

Guidelines for Posting Shorebird and Seabird Sites in Florida

resource and how-to guide for people wanting to post a nesting site

Bird Steward Manual 2012 Update

guide on how to recruit and manage volunteers and how to help in managing shorebirds

Share the Beach with Beach-Nesting Birds

facts about beach-nesting birds and how to not disturb them

Best Management Practices for Operating Vehicles on the Beach

the harm vehicles can do on a beach and how to avoid this harm

Piping Plover Project - Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program

website describing the goals, timeline, funding, and overall description of the project as well as how to get involved and outcomes over the last several years

Piping Plover Life History Information

gives life history, habitat, species description and several other details about Piping Plovers as well as a distribution map and links for more info

10 Things You Can Do to Help Protect Piping Plovers

descriptions of how people can help in protecting plovers when they're on the beach

Be Aware of Endangered Piping Plovers on NH Beaches

press release which talks about Piping Plovers, threats to them, and how people can help them