Outreach Materials

Welcome to the searchable Shorebird Outreach Resource Directory. The materials here are available for downloading, sharing, and most may be modified for your own use. If you have material you would like to share with the broader shorebird community please submit your material for approval.

Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative

website depicting the importance of coastal species, especially birds, gives materials for poster, facts, and other partnership regions

Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative

poster showing the dangers to wildlife and how they nest, also gives the objective, approach, and benefits of the initiative

Shorebird Species Profiles

webpage with links to 5 different shore/seabirds and information about their appearance, habitat, and behavior

Waterbird Species Profile

Webpage with links to 6 waterbird species with information about their appearance, behavior, and habitat

Best Practices at the Beach: Be a Beach Hero

brochure with information about how to help preserve the beach and the organisms living on it like the wrack, sea turtles, and the birds

How to be a Shorebird-Friendly Photographer

brochure informing photographer how and when to safely photograph birds, when they're nesting, and where to position yourself

Press Release: Give Florida’s Beach-nesting Shorebirds Space to Help Them Survive

article stating how to go about not disturbing nesting birds on the beach and describing how nests are usually camoflaged

Facebook post: Give Florida’s Beach-nesting Shorebirds Space to Help Them Survive

facebook post describing how shorebirds nest and telling people to not go near them, also gives links to more information on shorebirds

Conserving Georgia's Nongame Wildlife: Fiscal Year 2016 Report

an online report detailing what GA's wildlife program does and how they spent their money to help the wildlife in 2016

Predators vs. Oystercatchers, Georgia

short article about a study on how predators affect Oystercatcher numbers

Counting Shorebirds - Across the Continent, Georigia

article describing how banding helps scientists assess the health of shorebird communities

Dogs Kill Rare Shorebird Near Little Tybee

a dog killed American Oystercatcher chicks, biologists described why this is an issue and spoke about the birds and why they're special

Area Closed Sign

sign telling people to stay out because of nesting

Bird Nesting Area Sign

sign stating that there's a bird nesting area and not to disturb

Waterbird Survey Results Press Release

reasons why some bird species are in decline, but also some success stories about species that are doing well and why, how to donate to the cause and ways to aid in conservation

Sharing the Shore with North Carolina's Beach-nesting Birds

brochure describing the nesting habitat of 7 beach-nesting birds of NC and what people can do to not disturb them

Colonial Waterbirds Information

fact sheet discussing research that has been done on colonial waterbirds, what their habitat protection issues are, and how people can help in their conservation

Conducting Bird Survey Article: Birds from Above, North Carolina

3 page article about how NC biologists survey nesting waterbirds from planes

Piping Plover in Virginia

article describing habits of Piping Plovers, when and where they nest and breed, and how people can help in not distrubing them, also some data about recent population numbers

Why Scientists Want to Protect the Piping Plover's Winter Home

discussion between host and researcher about a wintering island the plovers go to and why it needs to be protected